Power Systems of the Future

In the Electrical power systems section, I work towards solving challenges that are expected to arise with an increase in converter interfaces in conventional electric power systems. It is expected that into the future the power system would be entirely reliant on renewable energy sources. Renewable sources are diverse, often with different generation patterns and seemly long and short-term intermittence. Currently, the most viable renewable sources, specifically wind and solar resources are being integrated into the power system via power electronic converters. This is an uncharted territory with power electronic interfaces and expected to present several challenges we hope to solve.

I work specifically on the transmission level where pervasiveness of power electronics are expected into the future.

Domain of Research

  • Converter dominated electric power systems.
  • Combined hybrid high voltage AC/DC grids (i.e. converter connected AC/DC grids).
  • Converter based generation (i.e. renewable sources, storage).
  • System-level design and control (as opposed to device-level design).
  • Smart Grids.
  • Transmission systems.
  • Power electronic interfaces at the transmission level which includes, FACTS.
  • Control engineering.
  • Mathematical modelling of power systems.

Current Focus

  • Modelling and simulation of hybrid transmission-level AC/DC grids.
  • Modelling strategies for combined hybrid AC/DC grids.
  • Robust control of multi-vendor VSC-HVDC Grids.
  • Converter dominated power systems.
  • Stability and harmonic stability, resonances in hybrid meshed AC/DC grids.
  • Dynamic transfers, system interactions, and detection.
  • Multi-variable systems control.
  • H-Inf Robust control.
  • Optimization and optimal control.
  • Innovative control strategies for resonance and interaction mitigation.
  • Novel molecular physics approach to modelling and analysis of aggregate behaviour and coherency in large-scale HVDC grids.
  • Passivity-based analysis and control of voltage source converter (VSC) connected to very weak AC grids.

Future Research

  • Systems theory and applications to converter dominated power systems.
  • Storage and storage-influenced systems dynamics.
  • Innovative ancillary contribution AC-DC, DC-AC, DC-DC.
  • A complex network approach to large-scale VSC-HVDC Grids